Vacuum-pressure soak test and cyclic steaming test for strucutural laminated lumber and plywood.(Japanese Agricultural Standard)
Vacuum-Pressure Soak and
Cyclic SteamingTest Equipment
TOPC series

line up:TOPC-305Ⅲ
 ■ Specifications

Vacuum-Pressure Soak and Cyclic Steaming Test Equipment TOPC
Outside dimensionsW1200 x D550 x H1010 mm
Effective chamber sizeφ300 x D340 mm
Weight (Approximately)150kg
Power supplyAC220V (Single phase)
Working pressure rangeLow-pressure side:-0.085MPa
High-pressure side: 0.196MPa - 0.510MPa
Steaming test: 0.019MPa - 0.490MPa
Working temperature rangeSteaming test:105℃ - 158℃
Temperature control systemPID control
Timer999.9 h count-up timer
Vacuum systemWater-ring vacuum pump
Pressurization systemReciprocating compressor
Working gasAir
Pressure vessel categorySmall sized pressure vessel
Chamber materialStainless steel (SUS304)
safety devicesSafety valve, Pressure switch, Low water cut off device, Leakage breaker, Fuses
Supplied accessoriesPower cable x 1, Heater cover x 1, SS Wire Basket x 1
※The above outside dimensions do not include the size of protrusions.
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to continuous product improvement.

 ■ Features & Functions
Multi-use testing machine capable of vacuum-pressure soak test and cyclic steaming test
Two kinds of tests, that are vacuum-pressure soak test and cyclic steaming test for structural laminated lumber and plywood can be carried out in accordance with JAS. It achieves significant time reduction compared to the conventional continuous boiling test. For improving safety, a stainless steel chamber, eye-bolt clamping mechanism, safety pressure valve, overheat prevention device, over-pressure prevention device, etc. are equipped.