Advantages of introducing HLM-36EF compact retort cooker with F-value
Easy to cook and sterilize

Cooking and sterilization using high temperature and high pressure steam can be performed with simple operation.
Shower cooling function is also installed.
You can easily make various dishes.

Equipped with F-value control

F-value that is required in the retort food field is calculated and controlled.
When entering primary industry, the F-value provides a sense of safety.

Price is reasonable

Since it is small-size equipment specialized for sample making and small-lot production,
it is possible to significantly reduce costs compared to large-size equipment.

Equipment cost is low

Electricity is used as heat source, a boiler is not required.
The equipment can be used if there are a specified power source and water supply / drainage facility.
Usable for various purposes
Challenge to enter primary industry.
Small lot production.
Manufacturing the original food products.
Sample food production.
Development of food products without additives and preservatives.
Development of processed foods, gifts souvenirs.
Long term preservation.
Food loss countermeasures.