A dual vessel structured HAST chamber with color touch panel has many superiorities.
Highly Accelerated Stress Test
Chamber (HAST Chamber)

PC-R8/R8D series

line up:
PC-304R8 / PC-422R8
PC-304R8D / PC-422R8D

 ■ Features & Functions
Control method and exhaust mode can be selected according to the test purpose.
Emphasizing the correlation with many test conditions conventionally performed, two control methods (saturation and unsaturation) and three exhaust modes (slow cooling with humidity maintained mode, cooling with moisture kept mode and rapid exhaust mode) are installed in this product. You can select a control mode and exhaust mode from them according to the test purpose.

There are two types of operation modes.
A fixed-value operation mode, and a programmed operation mode that allows registration of total 1500 steps within maximum 150 operation patterns are equipped.
Color touch panel
A color touch panel that integrates various button operations and displays of numerical values, graphs and alarm messages is installed.

Special concern to the chamber

・Round-shape and dual vessel structure that can exhibit excellent performance.

The PC-R8/R8D series HAST chambers adopt a dual vessel structure in which the test chamber and the steam generator are independent from each other. The dual vessel structure can perform more stable test evaluation compared to the single vessel structure, because it has less mutual temperature influence between a test chamber (dry bulb) and a steam generator (wet bulb) while making the best use of the effective area of the test chamber. Each vessel uses a round shape vessel that has reliability in strength and temperature distribution.

・Stain-resistant chamber
Since the chamber is made of stainless steel (SUS316L) which has been subjected to electrolytic polishing treatment to give smoothness and gloss to the chamber surface, the corrosion resistance is improved, and easy to prevent, remove, and clean up stains. Therefore, influence by chamber contamination can be minimized.                                                                 
Electrolytic polishingConventional product
Having both safety and functionality

・Door lock by electric clamp system

An electric clamp system with high safety performance is employed for door locking. The door is easily opened/closed simply by pressing a button. An interlock mechanism and door opened/closed confirmation device are also equipped.

・Slide tray

A sample table (tray) on which samples are placed is a sliding type in which the tray is drawn out of the chamber by pulling the door to the front. Samples can be taken in and out safely and easily without placing a hand in the hot chamber after a test.

・Easy connection to voltage application terminals

The voltage application terminals are arranged on the inner face of the door. Connection work with specimens at a voltage application test can be executed outside of the chamber. (The number of voltage application terminals is 20 as standard.)
PC-304R8 / PC-304R8D: Extendable number of terminals is up to 60 in total. (Up to 40 optional terminals can be added.)
PC-422R8 / PC-422R8D: Extendable number of terminals is up to 100 in total. (Up to 80 optional terminals can be added.)
Communication interface allows centralized monitoring and centralized control.
The RS232C port is equipped as standard. All kinds of work such as setting and confirmation of test conditions from a PC, grasping of test state and trouble state, data processing etc. can be performed collectively using special software (Windows). A network system※ that can centralizedly monitor and control up to 16 HAST chambers from a single PC is possible.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Time signal terminals useful for voltage application test
The 4 channels of time signal terminals that can take out the contact output during operation at the required timing is equipped as standard. Test condition attainment detection and ON/OFF setting for each step are possible. If a problem occurs during voltage application test, it interlocks with safety devices and shuts the connection. (For PC-R8D, it is an option.)

Cooling tank for drainage
Hot water after a test is cooled in the cooling tank and discharged safely. The heat-resistant PVC pipe (equivalent to JISK6776) can be used for drainage piping.
Programmable auto-start function
The programmable auto-start function that can specify the start time according to the desired end time is provided as standard. (Date and time setting)
Required utilities    
Power supply: Refer to the specifications. Household outlets are not recommended.
Drainage: Heat-resistant PVC pipe (equivalent to JISK6776) or steel pipe is recommended.
 ■ Easy to use with color touch panel
MENU screenMONITOR screen
Monitor, graph display, mode setting, program setting, test name Specialized in visibility, the operation state and various figures are displayed in a large size. (Pressure indication is optional.)

The set program pattern or progress state of a program can be checked on a graph.


[  TROUBLE MONITOR screen  ]
Various alarms are displayed individually. When an alarm is activated, it is displayed in red along with the alarm occurrence date and time.

[  Alarm message screen (Troubleshooting)  ]
The causes and measures for generated alarms are displayed on the message. You can restore the state by operating according to the message.
 ■ Two control methods
[ HUM / Unsaturation control ]
The unsaturation control mode prevents dew condensation and can set the humidity at any value between 65%RH and 100%RH. In addition, temperature gradients at temperature rise and fall can be set for both fixed value operation and programmed operation, and humidity control is also possible. This mode meets the test conditions defined in IEC 60068-2-66 and JIS C 60068-2-66.
[ STD / Saturation control ]
This is a 100%RH saturation test mode, and humidity is maintained at 100%RH from a start. This mode is also called as a wet saturation test, and dew condensation occurs on the specimens. A test that corresponds to the conventional saturated type pressure cooker can be carried out.

 ■ Three exhaust modes
1.Slow cooling with humidity maintained mode

After completion of a test, the test chamber is cooled down slowly with humidity maintained until the chamber temperature becomes 100℃ and the chamber pressure drops to 0MPa. This mode can protect specimens from pressure stress and drying that are caused by rapid exhaust. The high accurate test that minimizes the influence on the specimens caused by taking them out on the way can be performed.
2.Cooling with moisture kept mode

After completion of a test, exhaust is not carried out until the chamber pressure reaches 0MPa, and air cooling with a fan minimizes pressure stress and drying. Cooling in a short time compared to the slow cooling with humidity maintained mode is possible.
3.Quick exhaust mode

Immediately after completion of a test, the exhaust valve is opened to carry out exhaust and hot water drainage in a short time. The time from the end of a test to the removal of specimens is the shortest in all modes. This mode is suitable for specimens that are not affected by pressure stress. Data is compatible with the data of a saturated type pressure cooker.
 ■ Temperature-humidity control range during testing process
 ■ Options for upgrading a system
Communication software HAST-NETRecorderViewing windowTest stand
Up to 16 HAST chambers can be controlled and monitored from a single PC.Recorder for temperature, humidity, pressurePaperless recorder for temperature and humidityWindow diameter: φ50 mm with interior chamber lightWe undertake custom-made products.
High resistance measuring terminal(Measuring wire)Voltage application terminalAutomatic water supply unit to plastic tankDirect water supply unit to steam generator
Insulation resistance can be automatically measured when used in combination with a migration tester.For PC-304R8 / 304R8D, voltage terminals can be increased up to 60, including 20 standard terminals.
For PC-422R8 / 422R8D, voltage terminals can be increased up to 100, including 20 standard terminals.
※When using 80 terminals in PC-422R8D, the external terminal shape is changed.
This is an automatic water supply unit from the pure water piping on the facility side to the built-in water supply tank.This is a direct water supply unit from the pure water piping on the facility side to the steam generator.
 ■ Options
BasketThree-stage shelf
W172 x D346 x H30 mm (PC-304R8 / PC-304R8D)
W252 x D410 x H30 mm (PC-422R8 / PC-422R8D)
Frame size
W174 x D350 x H135 mm (PC-304R8 / PC-304R8D)
W260 x D412 x H215 mm (PC-422R8 / PC-422R8D)
 ■ Specifications
HAST Chamber ( Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber )
Outside dimensionsW709 x D950 x H1674 mmW900 x D1100 x H1780 mm
Test chamber sizeφ300 x D522 mm (34.5 L)φ420 x D657 mm (84.4 L)φ300 x D522 mm per chamber
(34.5 L per chamber)
φ420 x D657 mm per chamber
(84.4 L per chamber)
Effective chamber sizeφ220 x D350 mm (12 L)φ340 x D475 mm (40 L)φ220 x D350 mm per chamber
(12 L per chamber)
φ340 x D475 mm per chamber
(40 L per chamber)
Weight (Approximately)260 kg280 kg475 kg
Power supplyAC220V / 230V / 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz (Single phase)
Required power supply facility2.5kW3.2kW2.5kW
(per chamber)
(per chamber)
Heater capacitySteam generator1.7kW1.7kW
(per chamber)
Test chamber0.6kW1.3kW0.6kW
(per chamber)
(per chamber)
Temperature control methodPID control, SSD drive
Test modeHUM: Unsaturated test mode / STD: saturated test mode
Operation modeFixed-value operation mode / Programmed operation mode (150 patterns, up to 1500 steps)
TemperatureWorking range 105.0℃ - 151.4℃ (at 100%RH)105.0℃ - 133.3℃ (at 100%RH)105.0℃ - 151.4℃ (at 100%RH)105.0℃ - 133.3℃ (at 100%RH)
110.0℃ - 157.5℃ (at 85%RH)105.0℃ - 140.0℃ (at 85%RH)110.0℃ - 157.5℃ (at 85%RH)110.0℃ - 140.0℃ (at 85%RH)
118.0℃ - 162.5℃ (at 65%RH)118.0℃ - 150.0℃ (at 65%RH)118.0℃ - 162.5℃ (at 65%RH)118.0℃ - 150.0℃ (at 65%RH)
Control accuracy±0.5℃
Distribution accuracy±0.5℃ (at 100%RH)
±1.0℃ (at 85%RH)
HumidityWorking range65%RH - 100%RH
Control accuracy±3%RH (at 85%RH)
PressureWorking range0.019MPa - 0.393MPa0.019MPa - 0.208MPa0.019MPa - 0.393MPa0.019MPa - 0.208MPa
Pressure vessel category Small sized pressure vessel
TimeWorking range Continuous operation up to 500 hours is possible.
Setting range1 min - 999 h 59 min
Temporary power failure compensationApproximately 4 seconds
Temperature rise timeAbout 70 min (time to 120℃ 85%RH from room temperature)
Exhaust modeEXHT MODE selector switch
MODE1: Slow cooling with humidity maintained mode
MODE2: Cooling with moisture kept mode
MODE3: Rapid exhaust mode
Voltage application terminal20 (Applied voltage: 125V, within 30W in total) ※Number of terminals can be increased as option.
Chamber materialStainless steel (SUS316L, electrolytic polishing treatment)
Water supply methodA water supply tank is built in, and initial water supply to the steam generator is automatically carried out.
Door open-close methodDrawer door structure, Electric clamp method
Power connection
Ring terminal
Safety devices and alarm functionsPressure safety valve, Over-pressure prevention device, Overheat prevention device, Low water cut off device,
Water supply abnormality detection device, Over-current and earth leakage breaker, Circuit breaker for heater, Fuse,
Thermal fuse, Door safety system (Door lock check mechanism during operation, Door open / close check mechanism),
Protection for settings, Hot water drainage treatment system, Self-diagnosis function of sequence controller,
Negative pressure prevention system
Supplied accessoriesDrainage hose x 2, Water supply / drainage hose x 1, Auxiliary water supply tank x 1, Lid gasket x 2,
Power supply switch key x 2 (For R8D: 4), Power supply cord x 1 (For R8D: 2),
Specifications of small sized pressure vessel x1 (For R8D: 2), Operation manual x 1
※The above outside dimensions do not include the size of protrusions.
※The performance values were obtained when ambient temperature was normal and the test chamber was empty.
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to continuous product improvement.