■ Environmental Policy

Recognizing that global environmental protection is one of the most important issues for companies, we will promote corporate activities while always keeping in mind the reduction of environmental impact.

Basic Policy
1. The development department promotes energy and resource saving design.
2. In the manufacturing sector, we will promote energy saving and recycling, and strive to reduce waste.
3. In the sales and service divisions, we aim to reduce CO2 emissions from our activities.
4. The management department promotes energy saving and recycling, and works to reduce waste.
5. We make efforts continuously to improve and prevent pollution by reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
6. We will comply with environmental protection laws and regulations and other requirements which we have agreed to.
7. We will make the environmental policy known to the people who work in the organization or all people who engaged in the work for the organization.
8. This basic policy will be disclosed to the public.