Vacuum-pressure soak test (Japanese Agricultural Standard) for structural laminated wood can be performed with easy operation.
Vacuum-Pressure Soak Test Equipment
TO series

line up:TO-506H

 ■ Features & Functions
Easy to operate, Vacuum-pressure soak test equipment
Automatic operation from vacuum process to pressurization process is possible by simple operation setting. It conforms to the vacuum-pressure soak test for structural laminated wood of Japanese Agricultural Standard. A water-seal vacuum pump and reciprocating compressor with high reliability are used for generating vacuum-pressure condition. In addition, the pressure safety valve, pressure safety device, safety device for clutch door opening/closing system, etc. are equipped for higher safety.
 ■ Specifications
TO series Vacuum-Pressure Soak Test Equipment
Outside dimensionsW895 x D1172 x H1535 mm
Effective chamber sizeφ500 x 650D mm
Power supplyAC200V, (Three-phase)
Working pressure rangeLow-pressure side:-0.085MPa
High-pressure side: 0.51MPa
Pressure control methodON / OFF control, By open-close of solenoid valve
Pressure control accuracy±0.02MPa (only when pressurizing)
Time control method99 hr 59 min count-up timer
Decompression methodWater-seal vacuum pump 400W
Pressurization methodReciprocating compressor 450W / 540W
(installed outside)
Pressure vessel category2nd class pressure vessel
Loadable number of test pieces14 pieces of W75 x D300 x H150 mm
size laminated wood
Chamber materialStainless steel (SUS304)
safety devicesSafety valve, Pressure switch, Low water cut off device, Leakage breaker, Fuses, Door safety device
Supplied accessoriesPower cable x 2, SS Wire Basket x 1, Cart x 1
※The above outside dimensions do not include the size of protrusions.
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to continuous product improvement.