Operability and functionality are improved further. The SⅢ type has a pre-heating system.
Saturated Pressure Cooker Test Chamber (PCT chamber)
PC-Ⅲ series

line up:
PC-305Ⅲ / PC-305SⅢ

 ■ Features & Functions
Wide test condition setting range
The PC-Ⅲ series PCT chambers can be used in a wide range of fields, such as: moisture resistance evaluation of new materials, performance comparison test at development, storage test of electronic parts, identification of defective lots, surface treatment evaluation tests for lead pins, materials and plated parts, accelerated deterioration test for various paint-related materials. Test conditions of 100℃ and 100% RH are also available.
Improved Temperature control accuracy
Temperature control accuracy is improved by adoption of PID control and SSR drive.
High pressure model can be selected.
High pressure model can be selected from the product lineup according to the purpose of use.
Long time operation is possible.
Continuous operation up to 500 h is possible.
Pre-heating system(For SⅢ type)
A pre-heating system that operates when raising temperature and minimizes dew condensation on the samples at startup is equipped. (Pre-heating type dew condensation prevention)
※The system does not work during testing.
Required utilities    
Power supply: Refer to the specifications. Household outlets are not recommended.
 ■ Opstions
・Power supply: Refer to the specifications.
※Ask us for details.
 ■ Specifications
PC-Ⅲseries Saturated Pressure Cooker Test Chamber (PCT chamber)
Maximum working pressure0.490MPa
(6 atmospheric pressure)
(10 atmospheric pressure)
High pressure type
Outside dimensionsW750 x D550 x H1010 mmW900 x D600 x H1150 mm
Effective chamber sizeφ250 x D340 mmφ220 x D340 mmφ250 x D180 mm
Weight (Approximately)100 kg110 kg110 kg
Control methodPID control, SSD drive
TemperatureWorking range105℃ - 158℃105℃ - 180℃
Control accuracyWithin ±1.0℃
HumidityWorking rangeSaturated steam(100%RH STD MODE)
TimeWorking range Continuous operation up to 500 h is possible.
Setting range0.1 h - 999.9 h (0.1h increments)
Voltage application terminal4 Application voltage: 600V 5A maxOption
Lid openeing/closing methodEye-nut type
Auto-start functionOption
Pressure vessel categorySmall sized pressure vessel
Chamber materialStainless steel (SUS304)Stainless steel (SUS316)
Power supplyAC200V / 220V / 230V / 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
(Please specify voltage when ordering.)
Power connection
Ring terminal
Safety devicesLow water cut off device, Pressure safety device, pressure safety valve, Earth leakage breaker, Fuse for controller,
Thermal fuse,Circuit protector, Non-operation circuit at power failure recovery (except PC-3011Ⅲ), Sheased heater breaker (PC-3011Ⅲ)
Optional safety devicesSafety cover (PC-3011Ⅲ is equipped with this as standard), Door lock (Mountable on the safety cover)
※The above outside dimensions do not include the size of protrusions.
※Humidity 100% RH is an approximate value that shows the saturated steam atmosphere in the chamber.
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to continuous product improvement.