A desktop-sized HAST chamber with dual vessel structure that can switch between saturated test mode and unsaturated test mode
Compact HAST chamber
( Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber )


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 ■ Features & Functions
Dual-vessel structure with excellent performance
The PC-242HSR2 HAST chamber adopts a dual-vessel structure in which the test chamber and the steam generator are independent from each other. The dual-vessel structure can perform more stable test evaluation compared to the single-vessel structure, because it has less mutual temperature influence between a test chamber (dry bulb) and a steam generator (wet bulb)

Balancing the dual vessel structure and compact design
In the space-saving area of 60.7 cm in width and 63.3 cm in depth, a HAST chamber with dual-vessel structure is now possible. It is the most suitable HAST chamber to put on a desk.

The width including main body and water stand is about 70.2 cm.
4 voltage application terminals as standard
There are 4 voltage application terminals for burn-in testing as standard.
Automatic water supply at startup to prevent low water heating
Simply pressing the start button supplies the required amount of water to the steam generator from the attached water supply tank.

The chamber that is hard to be stained and is easy to clean
The surface of chamber made of SUS 316L stainless steel is electropolished to improve smoothness and gloss. In addition to the improvement of corrosion resistance, it is excellent in the prevention of adhesion of dirt and the cleaning property. Influence by chamber contamination can be minimized.
Door safety mechanism
The door is a double safety structure. Interlock mechanism ensures safety and security during operation. In addition, the door is equipped with a resin cover to reduce the heat conduction to the door.
If overpressure, overheat, low water heating, etc. occur during operation, the alarm device operates, and the abnormality is promptly notified with text display and buzzer sound, and equipment returns to the stop state.
Required utilities    
Power supply:Refer to the specifications. Household outlets are not recommended.
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 ■ Selecting a test mode and exhaust mode according to the purpose of use.
It is possible to select a test mode and exhaust mode according to the purpose of use. Emphasizing the correlation with the test conditions conventionally performed, either of two control methods and two Exhaust modes can be selected only by switching the selector switch.
Two control methods (Unsaturated/Saturated)
Unsaturated controlSaturated control
75%RH - 100%RH unsaturated test mode100%RH saturated test mode. Tests compatible with conventional saturated pressure cookers are possible.
Two Exhaust modes (Natural cooling/ Quick exhaust)
MODE 1: Natural coolingMODE 2: Quick exhaust
After a test, Exhaust is not carried out until the chamber temperature lowers below 100℃ and the chamber pressure drops to 0MPa. The specimens are cooled without being affected by sudden temperature change and pressure stress. The temperature and pressure in the chamber lower naturally.Shortly after testing, the exhaust valve is opened and exhaust, hot water drainage are carried out in a short time.
 ■ Display and operation panel
 ■ Options
Recorder, Table, Basket, etc. 
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 ■ Specifications
Product namePC-242HSR2 Compact Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber (HAST chamber)
Outside dimensionsMain body  W:607 x D633 x H476 mm
Water supply tank and table W:94 x D382 x H402 mm
Test chamber sizeφ240 x D410 mm
Effective chamber sizeW180 x D310 x H100 mm
Weight (Approximately)70 kg
Operation modeFixed-value operation mode / Programmed operation mode (150 patterns, up to 1500 steps)
Test modeHUM: Unsaturated / STD: Saturated
Temperature control methodPID control, SSD drive
TemperatureWorking range105.0℃ - 133.3℃ (at 100%RH)
110.0℃ - 140.0℃ (at 85%RH)
113.6℃ - 144.4℃ (at 75%RH)
Control accuracy±0.5℃
Distribution accuracy±0.5℃ (at 100%RH)
±1.0℃ (at 85%RH)
HumidityWorking range75%RH - 100%RH
Control accuracy±3%RH (at 85%RH)
PressureWorking range0.019MPa - 0.208MPa
TimeWorking rangeContinuous operation up to 200 hr is possible.
Setting range1 min - 999 h 59 min
Exhaust mode EXHT MODE Selector switch
MODE1:Natural cooling / MODE2:Quick exhaust
Voltage application terminal4, Applied voltage: up to 125 V
Chamber materialStainless steel ( SUS316L, electropolishing )
Pressure vessel categorySmall sized pressure vessel
Water supply methodAutomatic water supply to the steam generator from external water tank at startup
Power supplyAC220V / 230V / 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz , 15A
Safety devicesPressure safety valve, Over-pressure prevention device, Overheat prevention device, Low water cut off device,
Water supply abnormality detection system, Over current and earth leakage breaker, Breaker for heater, Fuse,
Door safety system (door lock during operation), Self-diagnosis system of sequence controller,
Negative pressure prevention system
Supplied accessoriesDrainage hose (1), Water supply tank and table (1), Auxiliary tank (1), Grounding adapter (1)
OptionRecorder, Mounting rack, basket
※The above outside dimensions do not include the size of protrusions.
※The performance values were obtained when ambient temperature was normal and the test chamber was empty.
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to continuous product improvement.