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 ■ Features & Functions
Excellent in temperature uniformity
Since the chamber is heated by an air jacket installed on the outer wall of the constant temperature chamber, it is excellent in temperature uniformity in the chamber.
In addition, it is possible to observe the inside of the chamber while maintaining the chamber temperature due to the double door structure with the inner door made of tempered glass.
Safety is high.
Besides the safety device mounted on the temperature controller, a thermal type independent overheat prevention device is equipped.
The overheat of the chamber is doubly monitored and prevented.
Excellent temperature control accuracy can be achieved by a PID control method.
Various options
Mounting table with casters, adjusters, both casters and adjusters (for double stacking), Stacking table with a fan. shelf. wall fixing bracket, etc.
Double stack
Double stacking is possible by using the special mounting table.
 ■ Option
Mounting table Bracket for double stacking Shelf Wall fixing bracket
With casters / adjusters

With both casters and adjusters for double stacking
 ■ Specifications
Product nameHot Air Oven DON-VForced Convection Oven DON-F / V
ModelDON-450 / VDON-650 / VDON-450F / VDON-650F / V
Inside dimensionsW460 x D460 x H450 mmW610 x D510 x H500 mmW460 x D450 x H450 mmW610 x D500 x H492 mm
Effective capacity95 L155 L93 L150 L
TemperatureWorking range40℃ - 270℃
Control accuracy±1℃(at 270℃)Without load±0.5℃(at 270℃)Without load
Distribution accuracy±10℃(at 270℃)Without load±5℃(at 270℃)Without load
Operation modeFixed-value operation, Timer operation: 1 min - 99 h 59 min
Convection methodNatural convection systemForced convection method
Control methodMicrocomputer control, PID control
Number of shelves2
Safety devicesSelf-diagnosis function (Overheat, Abnormality in thermal sensor, Abnormality in ambient temperature, Abnormality in CPU) Independent overheat prevention device, Protection fuse for control circuit, Key-lock function, Over-current and earth leakage breaker
Outside dimensionsW590 x D635 x H810 mmW740 x D685 x H860 mmW590 x D635 x H810 mmW740 x D685 x H860 mm
Weight (Approximately)50 kg62 kg55 kg70 kg
Chamber materialStainless steel (SUS304)
Power supplyAC120V / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz, Single-phase
Heater capacity1.2kW1.4kW1.1kW1.4kW
Supplied accessoriesShelf x 2, Shelf bracket x 4, Body fixing bracket x 2 with 4 screws, Leg cap x 4
※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to continuous product improvement.
DON-V series DON-F/V series